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Melamed & Associates Forms Strategic Alliance with David Widerhorn Consulting

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CHICAGO, June 11, 2014 - Melamed & Associates, Inc. (M&A) today announced it has entered into a strategic alliance with David Widerhorn Consulting, LLC (DWC) to provide advanced financial technology solutions as part of their global consulting services in the fields of capital markets and corporate finance, including futures, swaps, options, and other derivatives, both in finance and agriculture.

Leo and David Widerhorn
M&A Chairman and CEO Leo Melamed and DWC Chief Executive Officer David Widerhorn

“As it has from its inception, our firm furnishes advice and insight on a multitude of levels within the current global financial landscape,” says M&A Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Leo Melamed.  “By leveraging our expertise, knowledge and professional connections within today’s marketplace, including our experience with the demands resulting from the Dodd-Frank legislation, we assist in the development of corporate strategies aimed at expansion of business and strategic goals.  The alliance with DWC dramatically expands the range of technology solutions we can offer our clients - whether financial institutions, corporations, governments, or individuals.  It will represent a critical asset with respect to the programs we offer in marketing, risk management, and market intelligence.”

“With today’s fast-paced, algorithmically driven global financial climate, the need for enterprise risk management and compliance technology has never been greater.” says DWC Chief Executive Officer David Widerhorn.  “This alliance with M&A represents a major step forward in our on-going globalization efforts. Our firm is built on a base of real-world trading experience merged with expertise in enterprise software, cloud technologies and big data oriented solutions. This background has enabled us to deploy algorithmic trading systems that are in compliance with new regulatory demands and provide a sustainable competitive edge for our buy-side customers. Furthermore, this experience has provided us with unique perspective on the challenges presented by today’s dynamically changing market environment, allowing us to implement custom-tailored compliance and risk management technology solutions that help exchanges, investment banks, trading firms and governments stay ahead of the curve. Offering these skills to the global clients served by M&A is an answer demanded by the current times.”

M&A was organized in 1993 by its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Leo Melamed, and is based at 30 South Wacker Drive, Chicago, Illinois. .

Founded in 2009 by Chief Executive Officer David Widerhorn, DWC is a privately held company headquartered at 121 West Wacker Drive, Chicago, Illinois. .

Zachary Watts, David Widerhorn, Leo Melamed, Howard Dubnow

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