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Luiz F. Forbes
Consultant - Brazil

Mr. Forbes has over 30 years experience in the financial services industry. He initially worked for major commercial and investment banks in Brazil, and since the early 80's, he has been specially focused on capital and derivatives markets. From 1983 to 1985 he was a member of the team that designed and established the BM&F, the successful Brazilian commodities and futures exchange. Thereafter, except for the period when he was a Commissioner of the CVM, he has been connected to the Exchange, now the huge BM&FBOVESPA, and a partner of CME GROUP. During his tenure at the CVM, the Brazilian federal regulatory agency that plays the roles of both the American SEC and CFTC, Mr. Forbes helped the opening of Brazilian markets to foreign investors.

Mr. Forbes lived and worked in New York City for 10 years, where he represented the former BM&F and BOVESPA, participated in the first Brazilian companies ADR's offerings in American markets, and aimed mostly at the strengthening of financial markets ties between the US and Brazil. A goal that he also pursued as a Director and then President of the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce, Inc., a Manhattan based association. In 2001, the Brazilian government awarded him, with the "Ordem de Rio Branco", a most prestigious official distinction, in the rank of "Commander".

Mr. Forbes is an active lawyer approved and registered with the Brazilian Bar Association since 1975. He has a JD grade from the University of São Paulo, where he also studied Economics for three years, and completed the credits of his first postgraduate course in Law, doctorate level. Furthermore, he holds an LLM with an honors thesis, from Fordham University School of Law, in New York City. Back to São Paulo and to his alma mater, he is finishing his second postgraduate course, also at JSD degree, in Commercial and Corporate Law.

Mr. Forbes was the first President of the Supervision Council of the BSM - the Brazilian self-regulatory organization that combines the functions and the powers of the American FINRA and NFA - and is a reelected member of that board until 2012. Additionally, he is one of the arbiters of the Exchange's Arbitration Committee, lectures on various aspects of corporate governance, and issues legal opinions on controversial capital and derivatives markets matters.

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