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Kshama Fernandes
Consultant - Ribandar, India
Associate of Melamed & Associates, Inc.

Ms. Kshama Fernandes is an Associate professor at the Goa University, India. She teaches Finance at the Management Department of the University. As an MBA with major training in mathematics, her area of specialization are Financial Derivatives and Capital Markets.

Ms. Fernandes possess a perfect blend of corporate experience and academic insight. She is an active researcher in market movement and their idiosyncrasies, a financial writer, a lecturer, and is engaged in conducting training programs and workshops in Finance. In addition to her duties at Goa University, Ms. Fernandez acts a consultant to many organizations in both India and abroad. She regularly writes for the “Derivatives Centre’ on www.rediff.com, one of India’s popular portals. She has recently authored a book on derivatives titled “NSE’s NCFM Derivatives Workbook,” which has been published by the National Stock Exchange of India.

Ms. Fernandes is also an authority on indexing. An article titled, “Relevance on Index Funds for Pension Investments in Equities” co-authored by her, along with Dr. Ajay Shah, a leading economist in India, appears as a chapter in a book titled, “New Ideas About Old Age Security” recently published by the World Bank.

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