Chinese Vice Premiere Wang Qishan with Leo Melamed
With Vice Premier Wang Qishan.  March 7, 2011

Chinese Vice Premiere Wang Qishan with Leo Melamed
Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan meets Leo Melamed in Beijing.
 Nov. 17, 2009

Leo Melamed, Barack Obama, Craig Donohue
"It takes a knockout punch to win the Presidency"
Leo Melamed with President Barack Obama & Craig Donohue

Leo Melamed and Tony Blair
"Cross-Border Arbitrage"
Leo Melamed and Tony Blair

"Economic freedom brings political freedom."
Leo Melamed and George W. Bush

"He tells a funny story."
LM and Bill Clinton

"Do you think the Cubs will ever make it?"
LM and George H.W. Bush

"Futures in Moscow. Now there's a thought."
LM and Mikhal Gorbachov

"Partners in the enterprise of free markets."
LM and Ronald Reagan

"How about this for an idea, Milton?"
LM with Milton Friedman


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